Buckeye-Cruickshank-Salmon Creek Loop

March 29, 2019 · Silver Peak Wilderness

Three day, two night loop through a southern section of Big Sur starting at the abandoned Salmon Creek Ranger Station.


15 mi

Elevation gain

5,069 ft


3 days



The trail

Check out the route in detail on AllTrails.

Fri Mar


Climb to Buckeye Camp

Crawl along the cliffside ~5.5 miles up Buckeye trail to an overlook just south of Buckeye Camp. Head in and out of the bush with views of the ocean, 1, and fancy homes. Tons of waterfalls and native flowers, especially California poppies, lupin, and chaparral yucca.

Sat Mar


Into the Wilderness Towards Lions Den

Another ~5.5 miles to Lions Den Camp, leaving the coast and heading deeper in the wilderness. One site (!) at the campground has views of the coast.

Sun Mar


Gentle Descent Back to Salmon Creek Ranger Station

After a brief walk along a fire road up on the ridge filled with serpentine, quartz and other minerals, descend along Salmon Creek Trail all the way back to the station, passing the enormous Salmon Creek Waterfall.

Trip posted by Andrew