Glacier Lakes

July 11, 2020 · Tahoe National Forest

An alpine trailhead that leads you down into a valley, and back up to a stunning lake.


9.26 mi

Elevation gain

1,693 ft


2 days

The trail

Check out the route in detail on AllTrails.

Sat Jul


Let’s do it

Dave, Shanza, and I were not sure what the day would hold for us. We finally decided to go backpacking :p. Once our bags were packed we headed to the Grouse Ridge trailhead, a beautiful place to begin our hike! We headed down the ridge, towards the Black Buttes. The trail was straightforward and scenic. We arrived at Glacier Lakes, found a spot to make camp, and went for a swim.

After we cooled off, we did a little exploring around the lake and the ridge that connects to the buttes.

In the evening we enjoyed the sunset, the campfire, and the stars.

Sun Jul


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