Hobo Gulch to Grizzly Lake

May 21, 2020 · Trinity Alps Wilderness


40.52 mi

Elevation gain

5,656 ft


2 days



The trail

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Thu May


Ticks & Turns

We drove up to the Hobo Gulch Trailhead on Wednesday evening and camped in the car. The trailhead was pretty much empty, which was exactly what we were hoping for during a Shelter in Place backpacking trip.

We took one wrong turn, which led us on the "low water trail", meant for later season hikes. We crossed the river a few times before turning around and almost giving up. With a deep chill and wet pants, we found the "high water trail" and continued to Grizzly Lake.

After the cabin, the trail became pretty overgrown for sections. There were also lots of ticks.

We made it to the meadows, but decided to not push up the scramble to the lake. 20 miles in one day was enough. I believe people normally do this trail over 3 or 4 days, but for some reason, we just pushed hard.

I pulled 2 ticks off my chest, and many off of Stani.

Fri May


The hike out

We had a pleasant hike out... another 20 miles back to the car. Luckily there were less river crossings on the way back, since we knew our way this time.

A few days after returning to the city I broke out in a nasty rash from Poison Oak. It was still worth it.

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